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Custom-made all-natural supplement stack for optimal well-being and performances.

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Our breathing technique exercice adapts to your specific symptoms to help you relax or get you going.

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Discover yoga poses that targets your specific symptoms.
Here's a personalized book selection that might help, inspire or entertain you.

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About's suggests the best tools for optimal mental health based on your specific symptoms.

For each set of symptoms, our algorithms provide customized holistic healing suggestions: books, breathing exercises, meditation techniques, supplements, yoga poses and binaural beats.

We target mind, body, and spirit for optimal health and performances with state of the art algorithms and the latest research in the mind-body connection, neurosciences and nutrition.

We don't stop at being healthy, we also want you to have an enhanced mental functioning. That means unwavering focus, steady energy all day long and a consistently higher level of consciousness.

We will never ask for your personal information. We anonymously record selected symptoms to improve our service.

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